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PVC.POM.PE board production line
PVC.POM.PE board production line
PVC.POM.PE board production line

Use and characteristic:

The screw uses the special mixture function and the high plastic ability design to guarantee the plastic to melt and the color even extruding volume to increase. The clothes rack die head uses the special double-throttle design, which makes the adjustment of plate thickness more precise.

The temperature control ±1℃ may control the plasticizing process and the plate’s thickness and smoothness accurately.

The stick formation presses stick salty uses the level or perpendicular way of lifting, and this flexible lifting way provides more selections in the thick and thin plate operating process, all that has enhanced the quality of plate.
The control plate thick uses the two-way adjustment of the screw and oil pressure roller, so we can control plate thickness in an accurate way.

The diameter of the stick presses wheel is 350mm, the double return circuit cooling system, together with mold temperature coordinating machine controls the temperature of the wheel accurately to cause the plate thickness to be even.

Sheet-cutting machine, length and quantity of plate are fine.

The roll receipt device uses the high-level torque motor and four axis automatic tension control, so it can adjust speed and roll tension to achieve the goal of thin plate rolled and received smoothly. Equipped with the Strip breakdown equipment, it may freely Set the product width, and with meter-counter equipment, it can set the product length automatically.

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