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PP-R feed pipe production line

PP-R feed pipe production line
Production line use:

This production line mainly uses to produce the tubing production line which takes the PP-R resin as the raw material, when it is also suitable for the tubing production with PB, PPC, PE resin as the raw material.

Main Technical Parameter
Extruding machine
Screw diameter (mm) 60/90
Screw major axis ratio 30:1
Screw rotational speed (r/min) 20-180/20-180
Main electrical machinery power (KW) 110/185
Productivity (Kg/h) 150-200/300-350

The Heating constantly few and the power (KW)

center heights (mm) 1100/1100

The die head installment

Heating way

Electric heating circle

Heating Power(KW)


Vacuum stereotypia installment

Vacuum pump power

5.5kw displacement 88m3/h quantity 1

vacuum Sizing groove length(mm)


Sizing boxes longitudinal movement Motor(KW)


Cooling system

Cooling flume length (mm)


Cooling  way

Spray cooling

Draw gear

Tows caliber scope (mm) 20-110/50-250
Tows speed (m/min) 0.5-18/0.2-5
Tows electrical machinery power (KW) 7.5/7.5

Cuts installment

Cuts caliber scope (mm) 20-110/110-250

The greatest Cutting thickness(mm)


Driver  motor power (KW)


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