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Carbon coil production line

Carbon coil production line
The special design decides the diameter coolant conditions

The line is characteristic of high-speed extruding and melting for it has been equipped with the Polyolefin special-purpose single screw extruder; It is the separate special-helix structure mixing screw rod and Spiral structure nose that enables the line a reasonable flow, so that the tubing the line makes has smooth wall, inner and outer.

The line has adopted the special design and Diameter-sizing cooling way, so its Sphere of production varies from 50mm to 200mm, and its production speed has reached as high as 0.6-1.5 meters per minute.

Main Technical Parameter
Extruder SJ-90/30B SJ-65/30B
Nose ф50-200 ф50-125
Diameter-sizing Water Jacket SGZL-200 SGZL-125
Traction SLQ-200 SLQ-200
Winder SQ-200 SQ-200
Carbon coil production line

Except for the standard tubing nose, the spiral pipe distribution nose-streaming which provides large mobile space, ensures that the melt has sufficient duration in the line.

Low melting temperatures of the line lowers the internal stress and smooths the inner and outer surface of the tubing. It is the optimal design for a Carbon coil production line.

Besides that, the line can apply to all the extruded polyolefin materials because of its High flexibility. Two or three story Screw enhancement tube with different specifications and uses can be squeezed out form the line.

At the entrance of spiral copper fixed-Diameter Jacket is equipped pre-cooling and powerful vacuum drawing devices, which can ensure that the tubing can be extruded at a high-speed.

Specially designed spray brings efficient Spray and cooling.

And the line is adjusted by Longitudinal movement generator, so it can achieve the three-dimensional adjustment from four directions(up and down, left and right).

The box of line is produced by the stainless steel.

High efficient pumps and special sprinkler head cause efficient cooling spray.

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