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EPE foaming unit
EPE foaming unit

The foaming machine is mainly used in producing the EPE tubing, the process is like this: first melt the LDPE tree ester, then mix it with the butane gas, the talcum powder, anti-contraction medicinal preparation and other medicinal preparation, squeeze out the mixture through the extruding machine, after it becomes spongy in the die head part, finalize the design.       The low density polyethylene foaming product includes foaming net, foaming stick, foaming tube and foaming diaphragm and so on. It is becoming the most popular packing material in the present market with  the good function of  body light, supple, soft, decompress quakeproof, willowy, anti-impact, heat insulation and preservation and so on,
It has been widely used in the packing field of the pipeline heat insulation and preservation, fruit and melon packing as well as various domestic electric appliances, precision instrument, upscale furniture, ceramics, glass and so on.

Characteristic: *
*Screw : it is purified with the 38CrMnALA nitralloy steel. After the heat treatment quenching and the nitriding as well as the surface treatment chrome-plating, the screw possesses the characteristic of high strength, and superficial high degree of hardness, thus its service life is enhanced.  * cylinder: it is made of the 38CrMnALA nitralloy steel. After the heat treatment (quenching and nitriding), it has the feature which can guard against the long-term use loss. The cylinder and the feeding section and the die head installment are connected by the flange plate.
. * feeding section: The both sides of feeding section are connected by the cylinder and decelerator separately. Raw material sends in the extruding machine from this part. The user should maintain this part of cooling water circulating; so as to guard against the Temperature rise, which may make raw material sticky, agglomerate, causing the feed head plugged.

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