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PC.PMMA.PS.HIPS.ABS.PP plastic plate sheet material production line
PC.PMMA.PS.HIPS.ABS.PP plastic plate sheet material production line

1、PC endurance board applicable scope: Botanical garden, recreational place strange decoration and rest place porch pavilion; inside and outside ornament of commercial construction, curtain wall of modern city building; aviation transparent container, motorcycle ex- breeze block, airplane, train, steamboat, automobile, motor dory, submarine and glass police shield; telephone booth, advertisement street sign, lamp box advertisement demonstration display arrangement; highway and urban high structure Lu Gepa barrier.

2、PMMA plate (Asian gram force plate) use: it is widely used in the instrument, the apparatus parts, the lamps and lanterns, the decoration, the building material, the airplane, the automobile fitting, the medical instrument, the craft product, the electrical apparatus insulation material, the specimen, the product label as well as each kind of light industry, the culture and education, the daily necessities and so on.
Bathtub board use: the bathtub board is compounded with PMMA-ABS, which retains the PMMA varnish characteristic, and also gives consideration to the merit of ABS plate bearing the impact. The product is widely applied to the product of health bath, such as: The bathtub, the showers room, the steams room and so on.

ABS, HIPS Refrigerator plate usage: it can use in the refrigerator, the gallbladder, the gate gallbladder, the drawer, water tray and so on.

PS tire usage: Mainly applies to Semiconductor electronic computer communication and other products, especially applies to dustless ness, no static electricity , electric discharge protection and shelter electromagnetic / radio frequency interference of accessories or equipment packaging  compression sheet ,which is used for the forming packing of food, the medicine, the hardware, the electron, the toy and so on .

PP thick- plate usage: with small density, good hygienic performance, has the good corrosion resistance and a higher thermal stability, using  in the chemical industry, anticorrosion project, water purification processing, environmental protection and other industry .

Main Technical Parameter
Model JW-130/38-2200 JW120/38-1400
Width 2100MM 1300MM
Thickness 1.5-10MM 1-10MM
Spec of Extruder 130/38;45/30 120/38;45/30
Output 550KG/H 450KG/H
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