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EPE foaming cloth (pearl cotton ) production line
EPE foaming cloth (pearl cotton ) production line

The pearl cotton spongy machine is mainly used to  produce the EPE sheet material, the process is like this: first melt the LDPE tree ester ,then mix it with the butane gas, the talcum powder, Anti-contraction medicinal preparation and other medicinal preparation ,squeeze  out the mixture through the extruding machine, after it becomes spongy in the die head and the mold lip part, fix sheet material size  by stereotypy circle, finally take the product by the collection roller .

  1. Screw : It is made of the 38CrMnALA nitralloy steel. After the heat treatment quenching and the nitriding as well as the surface treatment chrome-plating, the screw possesses the characteristic of high strength, and superficial high degree of hardness, thus its service life is enhanced. The screw diameter φ105mm, length 4740mm (two sections of type), the length to diameter ratio reaches as high as L/D=45,which enhances the  screw plastified  ability and quality。
  2. Cylinder: it is made of the 38CrMnALA nitralloy steel. After the heat treatment (quenching and nitriding), it has the feature which can guard against the long-term use loss. The cylinder and the feeding section and the die head installment are connected by the flange plate.
  3. Feeding section: The both sides of feeding section are connected by the cylinder and decelerator separately. Raw material sends in the extruding machine from this part. The user should maintain this part of cooling water circulating; so as to guard against the Temperature rise, which may make raw material sticky, agglomerate, causing the feed head plugged.
  4. extruding machine main motor: The main motor is the direct current machine which can modulate velocity with its model z4~2000~31, main power 55kw。It is cooled by the air (matches air blower). Main electrical machinery connects the main engine screw through the decelerator.
  5. Butane input and butane pump: The butane pump is the high-pressured metering pump, which will pour butane into cylinder by 1015Mpa (100--150kg/cm2) high pressure, the butane and melted LDPE is mixed in the cylinder. The place where butane enters the cylinder is equipped with the cone-way valve, which can prevent the melted LDPE from flowing backwards in the situation of the cylinder pressure bigger than the butane pressure. And all that will make sure the production safety.
  6. Antishrinking agent input and antishrinking agent pump: The antishrinking agent pump feeds the heated antishrinking agent in the cylinder by 10~15Mpa(100~150mm/cm2) pressure. The melted antishrinking agent and LDPE are mixed in the antishrinking agent feeding part. The feeding spot equipped with the cone-way valve can prevent the melted LDPE from flowing backwards in the situation of the cylinder pressure higher than the antishrinking agent pressure. So as to guarantee the production safety.
  7. Die head part: Melted raw material is squeezed out from the part. Once the raw material goes through the mold lip, it becomes spongy. The thickness of EPE pearl cotton sheet material depends on the mold lip and towing speed.
  8. Stereotypical drum: The EPE pearl cotton sheet material width is decided by this part, therefore the cooling water and the cooling air should be provided in this part.
  9. Carry-over pinch roll: the sheet material which is unfolded by the drum enters this part to haul, at this time the speed of the tows should keep balance, to guarantee the sheet material quality. The carry-over pinch roll with its diameter  φ480~1550mm is loaded with the electric motor which may change speed, in order to adjust hauling speed.
  10. The indexing type receives material roller: This part is equipped with meter counter which can decide the length of the sheet material, when the length of the first roller achieve the hypothesis request, it can turn 180°while the  second roller starts to receive the sheet material.
Technical parameter
90 105 120 150 170
diameter of screw 90mm 105mm 120mm 150mm 170mm
screw length to diameter ratio 1:48 1:48 1:48 1:48 1:48
80 -120kg/h 100 -150kg/h 120 -180kg/h 250 -300kg/h 300 -400kg/h
Product thickness 0.5-3.5 0.5-6 0.5-8 2-13 2-18
Product breadth 800-1200 800-1500 900-1700 1000-2000 1000-2500
Foaming percentage 20-47 20-47 20-47 20-47 20-47
Coolant conditions Cool by water, wind
Total output About 115kw 130 About 140 About 210 About 250
Screw rotational speed 20-80rpm 20-80rpm 20-80rpm 20-80rpm 20-80rpm
External dimensions 22000×2300
Machine weight 5.5(ton) 6(ton) 6.5(ton) 7.5(ton) 9(ton)

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