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(1)Single- Screw Plastic Extruder (17)PE.PVC double-pipe extrude production line
(2)Conical Double-Screw Plastic Extruder (18)Single-walled or Double-wall corrugated pipe production line
(3)Aluminum-Plastic composite plate (APCP) Production Line (19)PVC Steel reinforced hose production lines
(4)PVC.PE.PMM.ABS Multi-sheet production line for the squeeze (20)Carbon coil production line
(5)PVC.POM.PE board production line (21)The PVC plastic shape molding extruding unit
(6)PC.PMMA.PS.HIPS.ABS.PP Plastic plate sheet material production line (22)Wood Plate Production Line
(7)PE.ABS.PMMA plate production line (23)Plastic-wood flooring. Decorative lines Units
(8)SY-5LΦ300x900.PVC Calender machine set (24)Plastic Foam machinery and XPS Polystyrene foam sheet extrusion production line
(9)PP-R feed pipe production line (25)EPE foaming cloth (pearl cotton ) production line
(10)HDPE heavy-caliber hollow twines tube production line (26)EPE foaming unit
(11)POM.PMMA.PTFE.PE Plastic stick and organic Plastic clarity tube production line (27)SJG-F Traction (Crawler tractor and Multi-claw tractor)
(12)PVC tubing production line (28)Cutting Machine
(13)PE, PVC series double -wall corrugated pipe production line (29)SHR Mixed Unit
(14)PE heavy-caliber heat preservation tube and gas duct production line (30)molding series
(15)UPVC.CPVC pipe production line (31)SWP-160-450 fragmentation
(16)PVC.PE perforated pipe production line (32)PVC.PE.PP. Models woodenly make a grain of unit
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