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Wood-plastic co-extrusion line
Wood-plastic co-extrusion line

Wood-plastic co-extrusion line:Using a specially-designed screw, material barrel, mold and production process, after equipped with YF auxiliary materials machine, the wood-plasticity co-extrusion line can produce PE,PP or PVC wood foam profile products. The plate it produces is a new type of environmentally friendly products. Mixing the plastic and wood fiber waste according to a certain ratio, adding plastics additives and foaming agent, after experiencing high-temperature, high-pressure extruding treatment, finally the profile are produced from the line. The profile could be used in the production of trays, box board, windows framework, decorative flooring, outdoor products etc.

Company products:Wood-plasticity direct plate equipment; wood-plasticity direct profile equipment; wood-plasticity veneer equipment; wood-plasticity granulator equipment; various wood-plasticity mold.
Extruder adopts Single machine mixed levels direct extrusion method, or granulation can be squeezed out after the two-step method. That can save energy and space, also it ensures that the extruder possesses the quality of high yields and good plastics compounding effect. The preheated feeding machine is placed at the top of the mainframe, in order that it can draw residue moisture from most of powder firstly, and all that has enriched the feeding of the mainframe.

The use of optimized screw design makes the shear small, so that wood fiber is not easy to cut, and materials will stay in the machine uniformly. The screw and the barrel use bi-metallic treatment, so that they are resistant to abrasion and corrosion, and the lifetime is extended greatly.

The production line can produce PE, PP or PVC wood-plasticity profile products, which are mainly used in the production of trays, packaging boxes board, floors, outdoor decorative materials etc. So the use of the products is very extensive.

The adding volume of powder and plant fiber is high (up to 50-75%); Besides that, the adapting ability of the equipment is so high that it can produce PP, PE and PVC simultaneously.

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